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About Julia

Hi everybody!
My name is Julia Spiri. I work as a freelance artist in my studio and painting is my full-time job. I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. But my first drawing lessons were received from my father, he is a painter too.

For many years I have painted portraits, caricatures and illustrations. I illustrated a range of coloring books and children’s story books. I have been painting all my life.

I live near Barcelona in Spain and I have three big German shepherds. I’m a romantic, adore fantasy, and I portray it in my mysterious young women who captivate people with the direct stare of their big eyes.

My artistic mission is to embellish this world, to bring my drop of optimism and happiness to people. That’s why all my works are cheerful, romantic and with vibrant colors.

My style has a touch of Whimsical, Fantasy Art. And my favorite mediums are watercolor and pencil.

I’m passionate about character design. I have created hundreds of characters from a fantasy world. Each of my characters is unique, different from the other and I have drawn them with a lot of love.

I’m happy to share my art with the world and I have fulfilled my dream of working creatively for a living.