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What's New in my Art Study?

I’m sooo excited to present my New Coloring Book “Alice in Wonderland”! Wooho!

Get Your PDF Coloring Book here:

Enjoy Alice’s Whimsical World in this amazing coloring book, and create your own Wonderland Adventures!
🔸 Two full sets of 25 unique illustrations (total 50 images).
🔸 Detailed and beautiful illustrations
🔸 One side print (8.5 x 11)
🔸 Hours of Inspiration, Relaxation and Fun!

Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book. PDF
Also I’m currently working on Alice in Wonderland color book. I already published a black and white coloring book and soon I will publish another color book to read.
It’s really fun to illustrate this cool store. I hope you will enjoy these books.
Alice in Wonderlad

The Collection of Coloring Books created just for you!

My entire collection of coloring books with unique illustrations is available on Amazon.
Every one of these images is painted with a lot of love, dedication, and of course with inspiration.
These coloring books contain magical and romantic illustrations of fantasy creatures, cute fairies and elves, beautiful girl portraits, delicate flowers, girls of vintage and venetian style, and more.

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I am happy to create a special place to share exclusive content with you, showing and explaining to you the entire creation process, starting with what inspired me. After showing you my work in progress (some of the raw sketches), and also in-depth views of some of my processes, I’ll record the creation step-by-step and finally share my finished artwork.

You will receive all these Exclusive Coloring Pages for Patrons only!

FREE Sample Page!

Download this free “Lucille” image and enjoy it!

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If you are new here, I will explain quickly what is Patreon. You will receive at least 3 new, unique coloring pages monthly or coloring pages + tutorials depending on the selected tiers, plus many other goodies.

Julia Spiri

Julia Spiri

Hi everybody!
My name is Julia Spiri. I work as a free lance artist, and painting is my full-time job.
I have a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. But my first drawing lessons received from my father, he is a painter too.
I live near Barcelona in Spain and I have 3 big german shepherds.