New Original Paintings Currently Available

watercolor painting, Bird in cage

Bird in a cage

Available Original Painting “Bird in a cage”

Watercolor, Gold leaf on Saunders Waterford Paper.

Size: 16,7 x 12,7 inches (42,5cm x 32,5cm)

Oil painting. Oil over Acrylic. Acrylic paint.

I'm watching you

Available Original Painting “I’m watching you”

Oil over Acrylic on wood. Size: 11,8 x 15,7 inches (30cm x 40cm)

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is watching you? Does the forest have eyes? When I imagine a fantasy world, a magic forest, I think this forest is full of fairies, or other mysterious creatures.
This time I wanted to paint a fairy and her critter friends who live in harmony among the magic trees. They watch over each other and also watch over you.

Hydrangea watercolor painting. Printable artwork. Pop Surrealism


Available Original Painting “Hydrangea”. Fantsy Art, Pop Surrealism.

Watercolor on paper. Size: 12,6 x 16,8 inches (32cm x 42,5cm)

I adore the beauty of hydrangeas and had to paint them, although these flowers required many hours of dedication and patience. I called the girl “Hydrangea” like the flower, because she is as equally delicate and fragile as the amazing hydrangeas. The colour of her eyes and hair have the same colours as the flowers as I wanted to transmit the romantic feeling and tenderness throughout. I have used blue, pink, lilac and violet shades to give a touch of fantasy. The illumination from the lights and sun on the girl create a fantastic magical aura.

Julia Spiri

Julia Spiri

Hi everybody!
My name is Julia Spiri. I work as a free lance artist, and painting is my full-time job.
I have a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. But my first drawing lessons received from my father, he is a painter too.
I live near Barcelona in Spain and I have 3 big german shepherds.