Freebie and Coupon for New Images. Vip Club Post #1.

So, it’s time to share my first Vip Club post. I’m Soooo excited! Woho!

And I want to start it with a giveaway for you – this lovely Elf *Miriel*!

She will be available until March 13th only, after she will meet with her sisters in our Etsy shop.

Please enjoy this freebie as my token of appreciation for all the love and support you babes always show me! I am only able to do what I do because you all allow it to happen!


Also, I have drawn many new images and I want to show you them you today.

Get your images here:

The first image is called: *Strawberry houses valley*


The second image is called: *Flower Houses*


How do I draw it, and what is the process? The first time, it all starts with an idea. Sometimes it’s an inspiration from something around me, sometimes simply my imagination surprises me. After, I start with sketches… When the idea is transferred onto paper, I start to draw on a new sheet in a clean way, adding soft shadows and the final touches. The rest is: take good photos to present it.

The next image is called: *Owl Fashionista“. She is a girl, and as all girls love fashion details: hat, bag, bow, and more. He, he

Get your images at Etsy Shop:

My last funny image is called: “Family of birds

Thank you for being a part of our Vip Club!

Wishing you all an amazing day!

Julia, XO



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