New Freebie and new Set of images. On the beach. VIP Post #7

Hi, lovelies!

I hope you are enjoying the summer!

Summer is my favorite season and I try to make the most of it. My source of inspiration this time has been summer and the beach.

So, the new theme is called “On the Beach.” And the new FREEBIE is called “Beach Selfie.”

Freebie will only be available for a short time, until July 20th!


All summers tend to pass very, very fast. That’s why I’m storing all my summer memories.

I’m very fortunate to live quite close to the beach (20 minutes by car), so, my Saturday getaways are the hidden beaches of Costa Brava in Spain. Here I show you some places that served as my inspiration.


Let me present my new summer images.

I adore travelling and discovering new places. I would also like to visit Hawaii one day.

Hawaiian girl

Dog on the beach


Two worlds

Ahh, Ice-Cream!


Happy coloring!

XO, Julia ♥


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