Elf images and new Freebie. Post #4

Hi, lovelies!

How are you? I hope you are well 🙂

In late spring, nature shows its splendor. Here we have a lot of sun, the grass grows without stopping, and the forest is full of flowers. All this inspired me to draw something related to nature. So, I’m excited to introduce you to the theme of the day – “Elves and nature”.

And I’m happy to present your new Freebie. She’s called: “Zeale”.

And as always, she will only be available for a short time, until May 30th! After you can found her on our Etsy shop.


So, here I am showing you my other new elves. I was looking at elven names, and here I will present some.

This funny creature is called: “Elfis“.

The next is my whimsy elf, called: “Alais“.

And the last is my romantic elf, called: “Keya“.

I love painting nature details with watercolor. I live next to a forest and I am impressed to see all this variety of leaves, sprigs, and flowers that are there. I really enjoy painting all of these. So, I have added a variety of floral elements into this collection.

This clip art can be used in many options for crafts or any DIY project. I hope you like it.

Leaves Watercolor Clip Art




Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to check out our Vip post.

Wishing you all an amazing day!

XX – Julia


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