GREAT NEWS‼️ I’m sooo excited😃😊
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Thank for supporting my art!  ❤🐱 XO, Julia


I’m so thrilled to illustrate the children’s book called Nevalia’s Wonders! I’m happy to create the Nevalia character. This book have very many color illustrations 😉

Description: Nevalia’s Wonders, takes children on a journey in discovering the unique wonders of nature. Perfect for teaching the days of the week, Nevalia’s Wonders also encourages sensory development. Readers follow Nevalia, a whimsical toddler full of curiosity, as she finds new sights and sounds with each turn of the page.

Children's Book Nevalia's Wonders
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In this timelapse video I show how I paint with watercolors the Illustration for Nevalia’s Book Cover. I hope you like it 


It was so fun to paint this character, I enjoy much painted each of the details 
Who is Nevalia? She’s a storybook character who is excited to learn about the world around her! Experience wonders with Nevalia!
The children’s book, Nevalia’s Wonders, takes children on a journey in discovering the unique wonders of nature.

Nevalia, children's book

Nevalia. Children's book illustration

Children Illustration. Nevalia

children's book

Sneak Peek Inside! One of page of Nevalia’s Book 😉🎨
Very many months of work have passed and finally I finished to illustrate this book. I’m so excited what the book already published! Woho! 

Nevalia. Book for Kids


Artwork by Julia Spiri, copyright 2017 Mary Neville, Nevalia LLC


Exciting News!
The Julia Spiri FIRST COLORING BOOK!!! Whimsical Dreams

Coloring Book Whimsical Dreams

I’m sooooo SUPER EXCITED to share this, my First Coloring Book!  Woooho!

50 Different Images printed on single-sided pages
In this coloring book you will find lots of unique, whimsical characters from a gentle world  of fantasy. There are 50 different images to color. Creating a character is a long creative  process. Once an idea has formed in my mind I begin sketching, until I have a clear image that I am happy with and want to paint. Once this is complete I finish the final drawing with  clean lines, sometimes using traditional pencil, and sometimes digital pencil.  
Creating so many characters for this book was a long process, but so much fun. I hope you  enjoy coloring it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

I drawed 2 images exclusively for coloring book, I will not sell this images on etsy shop.
The first image called: Whimsical Fairy and the second image called: Fairy Houses

Coloring book for adults


Coloring Book for adult


Coloring Book Review by ColoringQueen here: